Luxury Vinyl Plank

What is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Simply explained, it is vinyl flooring that has been cut into easy to handle strips. Vinyl plank flooring is considered a luxury vinyl tile option because of its thickness,durability, ease of installation, and beautiful design patterns that replicate real wood and stone flooring.

The flooring is made by a pressure-heat process, combining 3 different layers together: a vinyl backing, a film, and a wear layer. In the final process, a polyurethane coating is added for durability and protection before being cut to size, edged-prepared, and shipped.

Vinyl is an ever-popular flooring option manufactured from linoleum. Thanks to this process, vinyl is far more durable and resistant compared to linoleum, making it a very reliable and practical flooring material. Deerfoot Carpet and Flooring offers high-quality vinyl plank flooring in Calgary that has been expertly designed to closely resemble and feel like hardwood. Our vinyl comes in a variety of colours, shapes, and styles.


The advantages of vinyl flooring

it is vinyl flooring that has been cut into easy to handle strips.

Vinyl has a long list of advantages when used as a flooring material. Perhaps the biggest benefit of vinyl flooring, and certainly the most popular, is its 100% water-resistant property. Another big benefit of choosing this material is its low cost, making it a great option for homeowners who are looking for a more affordable option than traditional hardwood, but who still want to achieve a similar aesthetic and feel.

Vinyl flooring makes for a very easy installation and can conveniently be installed over top of the subfloor. Easy installation translates to lower costs and less time invested by you – the homeowner. The material is also very low maintenance, typically requiring only a damp mopping whenever a general cleaning becomes necessary. Vinyl can also be easily adopted for a wide variety of purposes and styles, making it a suitable flooring option for virtually any room in the house or even a commercial setting!

Luxury vinyl plank flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring has all the natural beauty of hardwood flooring — but why would you choose it instead of the real thing? Real hardwood flooring is lovely and adds so much warmth and character to a room. However, it also adds a lot of worry. Read on to find out the advantages of LVT flooring.

The Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring

Budget Friendly

LVT can save you a money without sacrificing beauty, durability, and comfort. Its cost per square foot is much lessthan natural wood flooring — especially higher-end, more exotic wood types. LVT is manufactured to replicate many different species and shades of hardwood flooring, without the high cost. This is especially important if your project covers more than a thousand square feet


LVT is more resistant to scratches than hardwood floors are, which it great for entryways and other high traffic areas. Its CrystaLux wear layer protects the flooring from damage from kids, pets, furniture, and everyday living.


Other than sweeping to remove dust, hair, and other debris, it doesn’t need any more daily care. When messes happen, simply use a damp mop. You’ll never need to wax it, polish it, buff it, seal it, or do any of the other chores that fussy flooring requires.


When you compare LVT to many other popular flooring options, Many of MSI’s vinyl tile options simply click into place, creating a “floating” floor that requires very little preparation of the subfloor. That means if you’re a do-it-yourself type of person, you can tackle the job on your own. Depending on the size of your project, luxury vinyl tile installation can be completed in one or two days.


You wouldn’t install real wood flooring in a bathroom, because no matter how careful you are, that floor will get wet. Water, or other liquids, and wood flooring don’t go together very well. Exposure to moisture can cause staining, warping, and other damage that reduces a hardwood floor’s lifespan and spoils your investment. The moisture resistance makes a luxury vinyl tile floor a perfect choice for bathrooms, mud rooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and more. We think you’ll agree — this is one of the very best luxury vinyl tile benefits.


After considering the pros and cons of luxury vinyl tile, are you still wondering if LVT truly has the look and texture of natural wood without the high cost and maintenance? Only you can decide for sure, but it comes very close. Advanced printing technologies have captured the authentic character of hardwood flooring, complete with shading, wood grain, and knots. The colors and patterns of each plank have just enough variation to look real, but since they are more consistent than natural products, your floor will have a more uniform appearance.


LVT is extremely durable, so it lasts a long time with no need for replacement; that saves resources, too. MSI luxury vinyl tile is certified with FloorScore, GreenGuard Gold, and LEED. That means it’s passed rigorous testing to ensure that our LVT produces a very low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals that affect indoor air quality. Not only does it contribute to beautiful homes, it helps create healthy homes as well.

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